Autumn Décor Trends


As the days get cooler and the nights longer, we start to spend more time in our homes. The stylists at Nathan + Jac recommend moody textures and tones to create the ultimate hibernation haven in autumn.


The cooler months will see a shift from the light Scandinavian-inspired oak and ash timber to a deeper, more moody walnut, blackwood and rosewood. Don’t be afraid to mix warmer timbers with your natural oak pieces – black timber dining chairs make a great contrast to an oak dining table.


Millennial pink continues to be a strong seller in soft furnishings, particularly variations of blush pink, nudey beige and peach. While pink, in all its varying shades, is set to stick around for a while longer, it’s definitely time to rethink overall palettes by pairing lighter tones with darker shades, such as burgundy, aubergine or plum.

You can also create contrast with brighter pops of raspberry, orange or love-heart red. The trend towards organic materials and handcrafts will continue to be strong in interiors and furnishing. Look for sofas and armchairs in neutral linens and layer them with a mix of crushed silk velvet, leathers and furs. Velvets are timeless, luxurious and affordable.

Crushed silk velvet cushions are making an appearance this season in a range of irresistible jewel tones. Velvets work well with natural linens and monochrome patterns, particularly in deep or bright tones so that they pop off these neutral canvases.

If pinks are not for you, look for rich tones of emerald green or Byzantine blue and pair with metallic accents of brass, silver or bronze. We are definitely seeing a lot more hints of silver creeping in to the brass-saturated market, which is a refreshing change and a nod to the glitz of the 70s disco era.


We love the application of this Japanese philosophy, finding the beauty in the imperfect. A simple way to translate this perspective into your everyday life is with the luxury of crinkled linen sheets – bedding that gets better with every wash.

Try mixing your linen with a grey or natural sheet, and pair with an aubergine or olive bedspread and a clash of different pillowcase colours. Combine this look with a luxurious silk velvet quilt for a look that will make you want to stay in bed all day long.

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