Dulux Colour Forecast 2021


With many people’s relationships and connections with their homes and families growing stronger than ever following a year of uncertainty, the Dulux Colour Forecast 2021 is centred around palettes that are soothing and inspired by nature, with injections of strong colour to brighten our outlook for the year to come.




As Dulux colour and communications manager Andrea Lucena-Orr said: “This global crisis has changed our relationship with our homes – […] the lines between work and home have blurred beyond recognition.

This also affects us on an emotional level too.” In addition to operating as neo-workspaces, “we need our homes to provide balance, calm and a sense of comfort and security.”

In line with this, design trends for the coming year will have a focus on providing comfort and strength, with some unpredictable elements cropping up to encourage adaptation to new work/life routines.

The Dulux Colour Forecast for 2021 reflects this, having been informed by extensive virtual research into worldwide design trends, and this year includes three calming palettes inspired by nature to create a sense of reassurance and connection, and accented by bolder colours to elevate our mood and boost our outlook.

According to Lucena-Orr, “Surrounding colour can be a remedy for the soul in challenging times.”


The first of the three palettes, Retreat includes warm whites, brown-based neutrals and dusty blues to foster a sense of soft luxury, along with vintage-inspired burgundy and deep ocean blue tones.

“The Retreat palette feels tranquil and sentimental – reminiscing [on] tradition, while hinting at better times to come,” said Lucena-Orr. This palette is ideal for creating hybrid, high-functioning interiors ideal for working and for comforting home activities.


The Nourish palette pays homage to natural beauty, featuring gentle, buff neutrals with tan, soft olive and muted ochre accents.

“These colours allow for moments of stillness and quiet; an opportunity to reduce the stress and digital fatigue we’re currently experiencing,” Lucena-Orr explained. A perfect application for this palette is to establish areas in the home specifically for switched-off relaxation and grounding yourself in the present. Lucena-Orr recommended pairing these colours with “simple, handcrafted pieces with raw textures and matte finishes”.


Rounding out Dulux’s 2021 colour palettes, Reset enjoys lively and enriching tones of rich blue and coral, warm rust and ’70s-inspired pink and terracotta. Lucena-Orr observed, “As we retreat indoors, fond memories of past adventures and discoveries inspire our home spaces,” and this palette leans into this nostalgia.

Building from this colour scheme, styling is eclectic and warm, pairing old and new elements alongside durable, generously proportioned furniture, with tactile and comforting soft furnishings.

The palette you embrace in 2021 depends on the look and feel you wish to bring to your space, noted Lucena- Orr. Nourish is ideal for a subtle, neutral look. Retreat creates a moodier and more dramatic feel. Reset is perfect if you’re looking to include bold tones and brighter hues that won’t overpower a space.

As for where to start when it comes to introducing colour to your home, Lucena-Orr recommended “painting your front door, creating an accent wall behind your bed or in a study nook, or adding a cheery, welcoming colour to your hallway”.


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