Dulux Winter Colour Predictions 2021


Image credit: Dulux Winter Forecast 2021. Stylist: Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen. Artwork: 'Fast Forward' by Liam Snootle.


As the occasional cooler day turns into the chilly months of winter, we often seek to maximise the comfort of our interior spaces, as we prepare to spend more time within our homes. The desire for comfort and security has never been more apparent than after a year “when most people’s worlds have been turned upside down”, reflects Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour and Communications Manager. According to Dulux trend forecasters, rich hues, grounding tones and cosy textures will likely lead the interior styling trends of winter ’21. Andrea notes that “There’s a collective yearning for reassurance and a return to simpler times. We want our homes to provide comfort, a sense of safety and to remind us of better days ahead. And this will be reflected in more than just colour in 2021 – expect to see a rise in plush, comfy seating, handcrafted furniture with an artisanal feel and a greater focus on ‘purposeful decorating’ rather than just decorating to make an aesthetic statement.”


BEFORE Image credit: Stylist: Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen


Featuring earthy tones and muted colours drawn from nature is the Retreat palette, one of three colour ranges from the 2021 Dulux colour forecast. This palette brings the life of the outdoors into comforting interior spaces, featuring oceanic blues, nourishing greens, soft greys and touches of mustard, in keeping with the “growing movement for wellness in design”. Stylist Bree Leech has once again collaborated with Dulux to display how to incorporate these cocooning tones into the home, using a children’s bedroom as her canvas. Leech notes that ample space and natural light provided an excellent starting point for the room, but that it was missing a sense of personality and warmth. Leech states that a child’s room “should be somewhere they can escape, relax, read and play [and] the quickest and easiest way to switch up the mood is with colour”. Keeping most of the key furniture items, Leech opted to add a deep, inky blue with a matte finish, Dulux Wash&Wear in Winter Sea, to the walls, as a cosy and timeless colour statement to compliment the room’s existing timber and woven-rattan natural textures. “To make the space feel more inviting, [Leech] layered the bed with cosy cushions and snuggly, fringed woollen blankets”, as well as a soft rug with dusty blue hues to anchor the room.


Image credit: Stylist: Bree Leech. Photographer: Lisa Cohen


Bree Leech’s Kids’ Bedroom Styling Tips

  • Invest in quality:

Kids are tough on furniture, so it’s worth paying more for well-made pieces that will last. You can save money on smaller items, such as bedlinen, art prints and rugs.

  • Add an upholstered bedhead:

It makes for a comfortable spot to sit up and read.

  • Size it right:

As a guide, when choosing a rug for a child’s bedroom it should fit two thirds under the bed and extend at least 30 centimetres beyond the sides of the bed – any smaller and it will look lost in the space.

  • Think multi-purpose:

Children’s rooms are often small, so seek out flexible pieces that can be used in different ways, such as an ottoman that doubles as storage and seating.

  • Make storage easy:

Add in baskets for toys and cupboards or shelves to hide mess away.

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