Lighten Up Your Kitchen


According to Beacon Lighting, the key to practical yet beautiful kitchen lighting is creating layers of illumination by blending three key ingredients: ambient, task and accent lighting.


1. Take a row of ambient options like spotlights or well-spaced downlights and mix with task lights like pendants over the kitchen island, while using cabinet and toe-kick lights to provide accents.

2. Pendants with metal, ceramic or plaster shades push the majority of light downwards, whereas glass or acrylic shades allow some light to filter through. Place pendants 55-70cm above the benchtop to ensure they do not obstruct your view, but are low enough to provide light for the various tasks.

3. An all-white kitchen requires less lighting than a kitchen with dark surfaces.

4. Choose colour temperatures that complement the room colours. Look at your finish materials under both daylight and artificial light to see how the colours are affected by the shift in colour temperature.

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