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I was midway through completing a law degree, when one of Melbourne’s real estate legends, Marshall White himself, spoke to me at a friend’s BBQ and said I would do great in real estate. I was in my late 20s, and frankly not enjoying the ‘textbook life’ too much, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I began in Camberwell, and soon enough, moved to selling houses in Bayside and have not looked back since for the last 20 years.

New buyers unfamiliar with the area often question the prices of property around Albert Park and Middle Park, where it is not unusual for a single-storey, single-fronted home with not much land at all to go for anywhere around the $2-$2.5 million mark.

While it is true that you could take that same money and get a big double-storey family home with a big backyard, living in the bayside pocket of Albert Park and Middle Park isn’t about the amount of space you have at home, but about what is right there at your doorstep to enjoy. From Albert Park Lake to the beaches and all the amazing cafes, restaurants and boutique shops in between, there is nothing quite like this beautiful village that people simply fall in love with from the very get-go, and often, simply refuse to leave!

I’ve personally gone from living in Middle Park to St Kilda, and when my two kids came along, thought to try out living somewhere else in a big family home with room for the boys to run around. We found ourselves missing the warmth, vibrancy and sense of community of the Albert Park Village, put the house on the market not long after, and came running back!

Real estate agents have historically earned themselves a bad reputation for being sly and conniving con artists, but I think my peers and I have very quickly debunked that old myth. The success of an agent today comes down to being trusted by your vendors and your buyers, being a good listener and understanding what a buyer is seeking before they even realise it themselves, and also being honest and hardworking.

I pride myself on being quite the straight shooter – I am committed to selling my vendors’ properties at the best price possible, but I also do not believe in pressurising buyers when they are not ready.

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Woody’s Hot Tip – “Lenny and The Guilty Moose for a killer cup of coffee, and (this is a big call), but Meditarraneo makes the absolute best steak in Melbourne!”

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