Spring Cleaning for Time Poor People


Lisa Davis runs through five simple jobs you can complete when you get a spare half-an-hour here and there.


Now there’s a bit more sunlight, you might notice all the cobwebs and dust in the corners of rooms, on light fittings, on the top of bookcases, down the side of the fridge, on top of skirting boards and in fan grills and air vents. Get out the vacuum cleaner, but ignore the floor; just go around and do all of these. Make sure to use the right attachment, though, and not the bare end of the hose, or you can scratch your finishes. 


Take a little extra time next time you change the sheets to flip the mattress, change the underlay, and ponder when you last washed the blankets or the pillows. If you’re swapping over to a lighter doona, now’s the perfect time to have the heavier one cleaned. Bonus points for giving the mattress a quick vacuum. 


Everyone likes to clean their mirrors differently. Some people swear by microfibre cloths, others by newspaper; the same goes for glass cleaner versus vinegar versus methylated spirits. Either way, doing all the home’s mirrors all at once is usually much more satisfying than doing them as you clean each room.


When did you last disinfect the handles on your doors and cupboards? They’re one of those items that regularly come up on lists of things that can be dirtier than toilet seats, so do a runaround with a damp cloth and some household cleaner, or a mixture of water and vinegar or eucalyptus oil if you’re feeling environmentally friendly.



This won’t take half-an-hour but if it’s in your budget, do it and don’t feel guilty. These companies exist for a reason – these jobs are horrible. So go ahead and have the rugs professionally cleaned. Call someone in to do all the windows. Get in an oven cleaner. There are even companies who will come and wash your wheeley bins out for you. Enjoy the clean feeling while it lasts.

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