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A renovation with a difference

Anyone who’s ever renovated will be aware of that awkward feeling, when you end up stuck between a designer and a builder at loggerheads. Why does it seem so often like they’re from different planets? Step in Julian and Raphael Schlesinger (“JRS”), brothers who created a combined design and engineering business in Melbourne in 2012.

When the pair started their company, JRS Consult, they wanted it to be a one-stop shop, able to offer design, engineering and construction services under the one roof. While this can be helpful for a number of reasons, they found that in cases like this featured home transformation in Oakleigh, it was vital in helping their clients with their unique vision.

Volkswagen enthusiasts, the clients wanted an industrial-feeling, multi-functioning extension to their home that could both showcase their beloved cars, and be used as an entertainment area all year round. The space includes an indoor barbecue, a kitchen/meals preparation area, a hidden workshop for tools and garden equipment and, of course, the area for the cars, visible from the back half of the house. The clients wanted this space to have a very modern feel to it.

Some of the internal industrial features include polished concrete floors, exposed roof trusses, a black barbecue flue and raw granite benchtops. From the outside, JRS used the angles of the existing house roof and the angles of the letters “V” and “W” to create a contemporary interpretation of a weatherboard home. The clients were ecstatic and the unique home has recently been featured in the Volkswagen Magazine, in Germany and Australia.

Article supplied by JRS Consult.

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