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Chic bedrooms for big girls and boys

Nicole Rosenberg of Little Liberty specialises in creating children’s interiors. She offers her expert advice for parents whose children aren’t babies any more.

It feels like just yesterday that you prepared the perfect nursery for your baby. Next thing you know, they’ve outgrown the space and have different needs. It may seem like an expensive task at first, but reinventing your child’s room can actually turn out to be an affordable and enjoyable project.

Low-priced items such as wall hangings, pots, lamps, clocks and stools offer cost-effective styling options on their own; when combined with the current DIY trend, the options are endless. Creative types and the couple next door alike are purchasing cheap and cheerful items from places like Kmart or IKEA and reinventing them with paint, wood and fabric to give them their own look.

Because we live in such a highly visual world, with apps such as Instagram and Pinterest on the rise, there is now a huge thirst for originality, so customisation is bigger than ever.

Another trend that is proving to be enormous is using paint for wall murals rather than just one block of colour for a room or feature wall. With geometric forms a staple of interior styling at the moment, it is easy to achieve this look by carefully measuring out shapes on a wall and painting in various colours to create a striking pattern, unique to the room.

If updating your baby’s room and converting it into a big kid’s room in an economical and fun way sounds something you need in your home, then here some tips that will help you get there.

Start off with decluttering

Remove items that haven’t been used in a long time. This will give you space for your new pieces and it will give you a clean, fresh outlook.

Reimagine special pieces

Could you use that sentimental soft baby toy or rattle in another way? Consider hanging them from the ceiling or popping them behind a frame on the wall for something different.

Make small additions to your three main colours

It could be as easy as a new quilt cover and throw blanket, a floor rug or a mixture of smaller things such as wall art, cushions and engaging pieces for the shelves.

Rethink your storage

You will be amazed at how many stores are selling interesting storage options now. Items such as wooden crates, colourful wire baskets and wall boxes will make your life easier while injecting a new stylish element into the room.

A new bed

Moving your baby into a big boy or girl room will of course mean a new bed. Why not pick one up from somewhere like IKEA and make it your own by adding a splash of colour with some paint or spray paint; change any drawer handles to something more fun; or add in an extra piece to act as a shelf or hidden play area under a bunk.

There are so many options, it is just a matter of honing in on what key elements you are going to stick with such as colour and style and then go from there.

Photo: courtesy Nicole Rosenberg