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Colour me impressed

Photo: Zenza Interiors

Whether it’s time to breathe life back into a tired room, or give your entire home a makeover, a new colour scheme can work wonders, writes Melissa Gries, director of Zenza Interiors.

Effective use of colour can completely transform a space, but knowing where to use colour, and how much of it to use, can often be a daunting project.

It’s important to consider the room’s purpose and size when deciding on a new colour scheme, while also keeping in mind the overall style of your home.

Dark colours bring a sense of closeness and intimacy, while paler shades can open a room up and give the impression of extra space. Warm shades of red, orange and yellow create a vibrant, intimate atmosphere. On the flip side, cool colours such as blue, purple and green bring a sense of calm, and create a relaxing atmosphere.

The 60-30-10 rule is a great guide for getting the balance right with your new colour palette and ensures that colours don’t compete or become overwhelming. The dominant colour palette should provide the foundation, and should occupy 60 per cent of the room – use it on your walls or introduce it with large furnishings like rugs or sofas.

Choose a secondary colour that complements the dominant hues, and use half as much of it when dressing the room – armchairs, dining chairs and smaller furniture items. Finally, finish the room off with an accent colour. Side tables, ottomans, cushions, vases and artwork are easy ways to introduce the accent and add that pop of colour, which should highlight the final 10 per cent of the space.

Photo: Zenza Interiors

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