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How to furnish a small space

Frank Valentic from Advantage Property Consulting offers advice on how to style smaller living spaces.

When furnishing a small or tricky space, I suggest that you focus on the design of your furniture and not just its functionality. Here are some tips on how to achieve a great result.

Focus on the balance of the room

When people think of small spaces, they think about how much they can pack into the space to make it liveable. Things such as storage or functional items like ottomans or coffee tables are usually the pieces of furniture that can really clutter space. If your room is narrower than it is wide, think about omitting the traditional coffee table and use side tables.

Divide open plan spaces 

Open-plan living has modernised how many people live – it’s more inclusive and encourages a sense of space. By defining that space, you are able to create the illusion of expansive living. Use floor lamps to anchor a living space or indoor plants to define your dining space. A little bit of height will draw the eye to the visual cues of a room.

Choose the right colours

Colours are a great way to help create space in a room. Focus on two light, bright colours to decorate the zone and one darker accent shade to ensure that the section is visually interesting. The accent colour will draw attention to that area as a focal point – this can be a darker couch surrounded by tones that are more neutral.

Understand scale

When you go to furnish a room, keep in mind scale and function. Sofas and dining tables are made in a range of sizes, so pick furniture that will allow you to be comfortable but also have room to move on either side. You might want to consider a 2.5-seater couch over the traditional three seater. A great trick is to look at the finish or material of your furniture – a glass dining table can be an excellent option to accentuate space without compromising function.

Figure out your priorities

Interior decoration and styling needs to accommodate how you live and your priorities when utilising any particularly space. Some people may need a desk and other may need more seating. Keep in mind what you use your room for and how you can multipurpose the available area.

Image © Vadym Andrushchenko