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When it comes to selecting the perfect rug for your outdoor space, offers insight into key points to consider, and answers Cosh Living some helpful FAQs.

At the heart of the Australian lifestyle is our love for the outdoors – dining, relaxing and entertaining in the open air. We want our outdoor spaces to function just as well as the indoor ones, being beautiful, comfortable and reflective of our taste and style. Outdoor rugs are a great way to add character to your outdoor area, and one of the best tools to create ‘zones’ for dining and lounging. Adding that finishing touch, rugs also help to transition an area seamlessly from the indoors to the outdoors. What to consider when purchasing an outdoor rug.

1. Shape 

Most rugs are available in a rectangular, square or round format. When deciding on shape, it’s good to think about the overall shape of your surrounding space, and the shapes of your nearby furniture. What is the shape of the space? Would you like your rug to imitate this shape, or a rug that will contrast with it? For example, when you have a rectangular courtyard and place a rectangular rug in the space, it usually fits well and has a calming effect. Perhaps you would like a round rug to introduce a circular element in a linear space. This effect produces a contrast, and adds interest and character. What is the rest of your furniture like? Do you have a round dining table, or a rectangular one? The same concept applies here – think about whether you’d like to imitate these shapes or introduce a contrast. 

2. Size 

The size of your rug depends on what area it is going into, and the effect you’d like it to have. There aren’t any strict rules about the sizing you need, but we like to follow a few guidelines. An outdoor rug for underneath a dining table should allow for chairs to move backwards without coming off it. Large rugs are dramatic and can define a lounge setting with multiple pieces. We like to have the front legs of a furniture piece sitting on the rug, or just near the border, to integrate the setting. Smaller rugs are generally more decorative and great for occasional accent chairs and feature pieces. 

3. Material 

Practical outdoor rugs have to be made from the highest quality materials and are built to withstand the elements. Polyester, acrylic, polypropylene – these are the materials you should be seeking, and will find in Cosh Living’s collection of outdoor rugs. These materials are synthetic, engineered fibres that are fantastic for outdoor spaces because they will not absorb water, and are quick to dry. Unlike natural materials like hemp or wool, synthetic fibres are UV-resistant to protect against sun fading, and are mould, mildew and stain-resistant. 

4. Maintenance 

Just like your outdoor furniture or your car – outdoor rugs can be left outside, but still require some care and maintenance. When considering the space in which you will place the rug, take note of the drainage and airflow. If you are placing this into an area with not much drainage, keep in mind you will need to tend to this more frequently. All outdoor rugs available from Cosh Living are made from man-made fibres, from trusted European brands including Tribu, Gloster, Manutti and Dedon. These leading brands work closely with industrial designers to ensure the rugs are both beautiful and durable. Rain, hail or shine – with the right care – your outdoor rug can be left outside year round and will be looking great for years to come. 





Q: Will my outdoor rug get mouldy? 

A: No – a Cosh Living outdoor rug won’t inherently grow mould, as it is made of synthetic, engineered fibres. However, natural elements like dust, leaves, dog hair, bird droppings and food all have the potential to grow mould and other nasties. These things all need to be cleaned off the surface of your rug to keep it clean. Sometimes mould or mildew can appear on the underside of outdoor rugs. This can be due to poor drainage and ventilation, where natural debris (like those mentioned above) have been trapped, and combined with heat and moisture, can breed mould. After times of heavy rain and humidity, we recommend airing out your rug and cleaning any debris that may be stuck underneath it. 

Q: Can I leave it outside all year round? 

A: Yes – with the right care – you can. When we say the right care, we mean that you need to be brushing off dirt and debris, airing out your rug after periods of heavy rain and humidity and cleaning it with mild dish soap and water when needed. 

Q: Will my rug fade in the sun? 

A: Cosh Living outdoor rugs are UV-resistant and will not fade due to sun exposure.


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