Bedroom Makeover


Stylist Julia Green uses palettes from the 2021 Dulux Colour Forecast to show how adding colour to a bedroom can be a quick, easy and low-cost way of re-energising your home.


The Dulux Colour Forecast 2021 comprises three soothing palettes inspired by nature and moments of stronger colour to uplift and brighten our outlook – think soft, earthy neutrals alongside pops of coral and stormy blue.

“There’s no right or wrong way to use these colours in your home,” said stylist Julia Green.

“It’s about expressing your personal style and creating a space that nurtures, inspires and feels truly your own. “Here, we focused on quick and simple updates you could do in a day or less. We kept the budget in check by working around what was already there – the bed, carpet and curtains – and brought the room up to date with on-trend colours, comforting textures and artwork”.

“This look is perfect if you’re more comfortable with white walls and like the idea of introducing brighter colours in your fabrics, bedding and accessories. A dramatic, coastal-inspired artwork gave the room a new focal point and provided the colour cues for the rest of the scheme. We drew tones of burnt orange, deep blue-green and mustard and used them in the bedding and a striking pendant light,” Green said.

“Here, we wanted to show just how powerful colour can be in changing the mood of a space. We painted the walls a deep, warm grey – Dulux Wash&Wear in Teahouse – and instantly turned this bland room into a sophisticated and tranquil space. Touches of crisp white on the ceiling, door frames and pendant provided contrast and light.

“To keep with the classic, tailored vibe, we chose a palette of deep navy, dusty blue and ochre for the rest of the scheme. We added a luxurious bedhead to provide a relaxing spot to sit up and read, and layered the bed high with linens in classic pinstripes and chambray blue. In our projects, we always love adding one or two touches of the unexpected as they really energise a space – here, it’s a rustic, fringed throw on the end of the bed and a graphic, contemporary artwork,” said Green.

“We turned to the earthy colours in the Nourish palette to create a cocooning and restful feel. The scheme centres around a plush, upholstered bedhead in mossy green and whimsical, botanical-print bed linen, which we contrasted with a soft clay hue on the walls and ceiling – Dulux Wash&Wear in Skip To.

“To keep the focus on the cosy bed set-up, we opted for minimalist artwork and used simple timber frames to create a tonal effect against the clay-coloured walls. Texture was added with a ribbed timber side and accessories with matt finishes,” explained Green.




Use the colours and tones in a favourite painting or print to inform the palette in your bedroom.


Every room needs a focal point as it’s what draws you into a space. The natural focus in a bedroom is the wall behind the bed – draw attention to this with a striking bedhead or artwork.


If you don’t fancy changing your wall colour or you’re simply more comfortable with white, add this season’s rich colours in bedding, soft furnishings and accessories.


Your bedroom needs to be comfortable and inviting; think a soft, cushioned bedhead you can sit up against and read a book, a medley of comfy cushions and bed linen in breathable fabrics.


For a fun and eclectic look (and less hassle come laundry day) combine sheets and pillowcases in different colours and prints – just make sure they all sit within the same colour story.

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