Millions of Front Doors Left Unlocked


Of the 9.9 million front doors in Australia, a stranger could walk into nearly a quarter of them, according to new research from The survey of 2013 Australians found fewer than one in three households use deadbolts on the front door, while little over half have locks on their windows. Kate Browne, personal finance expert at, said there is room for improvement when it comes to home security in Australia.

“Some people are so complacent they don’t even lock the front door. Burglary happens everywhere – even in the safest neighbourhoods,” she said.

Just 49 per cent of Aussies have taken out home and contents insurance, leaving almost half the population vulnerable to theft. Browne said homeowners need to ensure that their house and contents are adequately covered in the event of loss or damage.

“Your house is where you store your most important possessions – home insurance helps protect them. Without it the consequences can be financially devastating.”

One in eight Aussies have a sophisticated video system installed or a guard dog on the property. Browne urged Aussies to consider sensible precautions. “Routinely lock up and don’t leave your car keys lying around. Itemise any valuables on your home insurance policy and be careful with who you let into your house.

“Leaving windows or doors open, or not locking windows where locks are fitted – especially if you are not at home – is a great way to void your insurance policy. “If a burglar is able to gain unforced entry to your home, your insurer may not pay out on your full claim, so make sure you lock those doors when you go out.”



• Don’t leave your key somewhere obvious. Under the mat or in a flower pot near the door are the first places burglars will look. Try to find a spot that isn’t visible from the street. 

• Install a sensor light. This acts as a good deterrent by making it more difficult for people to sneak around your property unnoticed. 

• Review your home and contents insurance. Make sure that all contents listed are up to date. Have you purchased any new furniture or valuables since you last renewed your policy that may need to be added?

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