Preparing Your Home Before Sale for the Best Price



Selling a treasured home full of memories is definitely stressful and emotional. While it can be difficult to let go of possessions, it is helpful to think about decluttering, so you can get your property on the market and achieve the best possible price.


First impressions count. How the buyer sees your home is going to be different to how you or your regular visitors see the property. It is not uncommon for people to remain living in the dwelling that they are trying to sell and the biggest hurdle in those cases can be maintaining the ‘open for inspection’ aesthetic. Decluttering is an emotional exercise for our clients as they naturally have attachments to certain furniture pieces or personal items.

The key is not to draw attention to certain items. We recommend depersonalising your home by removing items that may be polarising. You want your potential buyers to be able to imagine living there, and things such as family pictures or mementoes might be a barrier to someone connecting with your home. 



When people view property, all of their senses are alert, so you want to make sure your home pleases all of them. Is there enough natural light? How does it smell? If you’re going to cook before an inspection, don’t forget to air out your home and scent it with a suitable fragrance. Be subtle; a strong smell can ruin the impression of your open for inspection. 


A lived-in look can be a turn-off to some buyers. People want to be able to imagine their own current life in the home and distractions such as statement wall colours or artwork may do the opposite. Keep focused on why you are selling and what outcome you would like to achieve. You don’t have to style the whole property with hire furniture, but be mindful about having the right accessories and furniture pieces on display. Stylists can also work with your current furniture to ensure that you are presenting your property to its best potential. 



Obtain advice from a professional on whether or not a few minor works could make a major difference in your overall presentation and sale price. Items such as new bathroom mirrors, wardrobe doors, handles or paint can be fairly inexpensive but can provide a great return for a relatively small investment. Frank Valentic is the director of Advantage Property Consulting.

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