Keep your home secure while renovating

The number of renovation projects in Australia is expected to rise by 3.2 per cent this year, 2.4 per cent next year and 2.5 per cent the following year, bringing the value of home renovation activity to some $35.94 billion by 2020. However, as lenders start tightening their belts, more homeowners may choose to downgrade large-scale renovations for smaller projects, such as adding a deck or undertaking a bathroom and kitchen upgrade. For these smaller projects, families often remain in the property to save on the inconvenience and cost of moving out. So how does this impact on a home’s security?  

With tradespeople coming into the home throughout the day – from builders, plumbers and painters to people making deliveries – it can be difficult for homeowners to keep an eye on things or notice if something goes missing.  

Darryn Bull from ADT Security offers the following tips to help homeowners keep their property safe and secure during a renovation project:

• Make sure valuables like jewellery, laptops and credit cards, and identity documents such as passports are locked away safely.

• Close off rooms that don’t need to be accessed during the renovation period; these can be useful storage spaces.

• Avoid leaving building materials or appliances unattended on site by co-ordinating deliveries as close as possible to their installation times.

• Seek recommendations and check references before contracting builders and tradespeople.

• Be home whenever possible to meet tradespeople as they arrive and pack up for the day. This avoids the need to leave keys with multiple people to access the property.

• Talk to your neighbours and encourage them to report any suspicious activity.

Installing a monitored alarm system with live-streaming cameras around the home can also help homeowners keep an eye on the renovation’s progress. Cameras help to deter unwanted visitors, and provide clear visibility over the property’s access points, with the ability to view live video or saved security recordings from a smartphone, tablet or computer.  

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Photo: Oleg Dudko/Dreamstime