Bring Nature to Your Door Step: a Guide to Creating Your Garden


Finding someone who doesn’t love nature would prove a near-impossible task. Although we are increasingly living in urban environments, this doesn’t mean we have to give up green space and plant life altogether. Getting our hands dirty in the garden is an enjoyable exercise that brings us in touch with nature and offers relief from our busy modern lifestyles. Seeing that gorgeous flower finally bloom in the spring or cooking with tomatoes you grew yourself is a truly rewarding experience.

Creating your own garden sanctuary doesn’t have to be a daunting experience, and with a few key tips from the outdoor experts at Cosh Living, you can have your own perfectly personalised outdoor escape, no matter how big or small.


In order to establish some defined garden spaces, you can include fences or other boundaries for your climbing plants, feature walls with contrasting potted plants, or even eye-catching vertical gardens.


Looking to add an extra something to your garden? Accentuate your garden with art pieces, outdoor lighting or decorative tiling that can help bring a Mediterranean feel to your outdoor living space.


To create a harmonious garden, spend some time planning the design of your garden, spend some time selecting plants that suit the space, the garden’s conditions and your vision. Not all plants will thrive in your specific environment, while others will flourish. Some plants enjoy being ground cover and may quickly create a carpet of green while others will shoot upwards towards the light, and might be too tall for your garden or cut off the sunlight from the lower-growing plants. Be sure to do some research in advance or seek advice at your local nursery.



Another factor to consider in planning your perfect garden is maintenance. Some plant varieties require plenty of watering and nurturing, while others enjoy minimal interference. Additionally, factor in seasonality – some plants will be barren in winter, so consider whether this is a look you will enjoy; otherwise you can purchase plants with year-round appeal, such as succulents.

If you wish to create the appearance of height and space, consider tall plants, but note that they may need pruning and maintenance, and often have far-reaching roots that may disrupt paving.


Fruit trees can add a special touch to your garden, offering both visual appeal and the benefit of fresh fruit to eat. Planting a citrus tree in a large pot is not only eye-catching, but restricts the growth height so that the plant does not dwarf the rest of your garden. Some nurseries even have orange and lemon hybrid trees that grow both fruits from the one tree – the scent that these trees produce is divine.


To make your garden a space you can comfortably enjoy, consider adding some garden furniture that complements the colour scheme of your garden. Sun lounges with an ice bucket or other functional accessories, placed beneath a canopy of wide-leafed plants can be an excellent place to escape, unwind and spend time to yourself with a book and a cool drink in summer. You could also add a water feature to create a sense of tranquillity and some ambient sounds.

Once you’ve established your garden, you will have a place you can escape to and unwind in, or even as an ideal space for entertaining guests. And you won’t be the only one enjoying your new green space – expect to see wildlife enjoying the little habitat you’ve created as well.


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